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Welcome! I’m Kristie Rosser.

I specialize in helping busy, productive, and highly motivated women and men take control over their lives and their health to regain the energetic flow they once had. Think of me as your: Nurse Practitioner + Nutritional Therapist + Hormone Specialist + Health Coach + Healthy Aging Specialist, all wrapped in one great package!


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New Client Questionnaire

 Are you struggling in your body
and craving endless energy – RIGHT NOW?


Are you EXHAUSTED and finding it difficult
keep up with your daily routine?


Are you constantly fatigued and so OVER the hormonal imbalances
that leave you feeling depleted?

You FEEL like you’ve tried it all and nothing has worked! Well, that’s about to change.

It’s time to take back your health, understand the essential role nutrition plays in your vitality, AND take control of your life again! Get ready to end fatigue, increase your energy and live a healthy and happy life as the best version of YOU.

No diets. No deprivation. No rules.

I’m here to help YOU live a life of optimal wellness.

Does this sound like you?

ONE DAY, you come to the realization that things are out of control. Maybe it’s an important wake-up call for your health, or something less urgent, like not being able to handle your schedule like you used to. You find yourself exhausted after 3 pm and barely subsisting on sugar, carbs, and caffeine. Your sleep quality is poor and not restorative, and your energy is depleted. You struggle every day to find some way to improve things but your quality of life has reduced due to lack of energy. You’re frustrated. Are you so busy living your daily life that you slowly slip out of balance? You’ve become accustomed to only exist in an undesirable state of health and live that way for such extended periods of time that you’ve forgotten how alive you can feel—how energized your body is designed to be.

Do you remember how your body and mind felt before things started to get harder to accomplish each day? Trust me, you are not supposed to feel continually tired, fatigued, out of balance, lethargic and unhealthy overall. In fact, your body naturally WANTS its energy back, it WANTS to be healthy, and it WANTS to be energized!

WE are going to GET your FLOW back TODAY.


Do you find yourself asking questions like this?

  • Where did my energy go?
  • Why can’t I perform at work or at the gym the way I used to?
  • Where did this extra weight come from?
  • How did my lifestyle get so off track?
  • What can I do to rebalance my hormones?
  • How do I get a healthy balance back into my life?

You came looking for me in your search for answers to these questions.


You are ready to RESET your body so that you can feel young, healthy, energetic, balanced and vibrant again!

What if I told you that your body was designed to repair,
reboot, and perform well again?

By identifying and treating the source of imbalance in your body, you can reverse the symptoms that have been draining you.

Truth: You can feel revitalized again. You can have your life back.

My beliefs differ from many out there.

But in my case, different is not only Good– different is Refreshing.

I have learned how to unlock my inner power to lead a healthy life, and I can help you do the same. I can help you get the results you crave so that you can FEEL fabulous!

If you are ready to invest in yourself through life-balance exercises, achieve and maintain healthy energy levels, and improve your quality of life, then begin working with me.

Reset your body to a natural state of health.

Let me show you how to have the energy levels you have been longing for, the body you crave, the youthfulness you dream of and the healthiness you desire!

Let me be your guide to living a high-quality, fulfilling and optimal life- TODAY.

Click here to complete the new patient questionnaire
and begin your journey  with me today.

New Client Questionnaire


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