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Nutrigenomic Testing: Your Bioidividualized Blue-Print for Optimal Health

Genomix Nutrition nutrigenomic testing and analysis, was designed to overcome all the roadblocks that can be encountered when choosing nutritional supplements. Nutrigenomic Testing Service is a personalized, comprehensive solution for safer and more targeted nutritional recommendations for every persons unique genetic coding. Nutrigenomic Testing and Analysis: Why Do You Need Nutrigenomic Testing?   Genetic variants are more common than we

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Daily Affirmations

THE  MIND IS POWERFUL Mindset has everything to do with your health and happiness. A positive mind can shift a sick and diseased body to a healthy body A positive mind can help the body effortlessly lose weight and unhealthy energy A positive mind can manifest the life You want to Live One tool for boosting your mindset

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Cooking Food at Lower Temperature

How we process and cook our food may be equally as important as the sourcing of our food, and the nutrition in our food—now more than ever–due to the consistent processing and over-cooking of meat and other foods in the American diet, along with the popularity of paleo and ketogenic diets. So this begs the question: How

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Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Epsom salts, when added to water, break down to magnesium and sulfate, and when absorbed through the skin also work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. This is one of my favorite epsom salt baths. It’s a useful detoxification blend when you are feeling weary or worn down. Just add the ingredients to a

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Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It has been used for centuries to boost the immune and adrenal systems. Castor oil can help to improve liver detoxification by stimulating lymph and liver function. It can support uterine health and ovarian health and is often used to ease menstrual cramping or pelvic pains.

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Abdominal Massage

Massaging the abdomen helps to dislodge toxins, promote healthy digestion, and improve bowel movements by stimulating the muscles and organs required to produce a bowel movement. If your bowels are sluggish, make sure you are drinking plenty of water (2-3 quarts daily) to prevent constipation and to help flush out toxins, taking in fiber, eating clean whole

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Refreshing Cucumber + Avocado Salad

This cool and refreshing salad has a little bit of everything from protein, to fiber to omegas. Cucumbers are a wonderful diuretic and make your skin look amazing. Top it with flaxmeal or chia seed: this adds a nice flavor along with a boost in omegas for cardiovascular and neurological support. Ingredients 2 cans organic chickpeas, drained

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Homemade Sports Drink

Every sports drink that I make uses the following ingredients in varying amounts –I vary the recipe depending on why I am drinking it–if I am drinking it during a race, a long training run, or after either to replace my electrolytes, for example. I prefer coconut water as a base, and use water to dilute it

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Your Body is Designed to Feel Great!

So many of us have become so accustomed to feeling lousy all of the time, that we have forgotten how amazing our bodies are designed to make us feel. Our bodies are designed to feel Great! We are designed for health, good energy, speed, agility, endurance, healthy aging, and to meet new challenges. We are designed to

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Washing Produce

There are many precautions to take when preparing produce for salads, smoothies and juicing. The precautions are important to prevent contamination of the produce from E. Coli, handling, pesticides, and other bacteria. These precautions extend to shopping, washing and properly storing, produce. For Example: When shopping, choose unbruised and undamaged produce. Select organic when possible. Wash your

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