Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about my wellness practice:

  1. How do I become a patient in your unique wellness practice?

    If you would like to be considered for my practice, please complete my new patient questionnaire HERE. (link to new patient questionnaire) I look forward to reviewing you questionnaire and seeing how we can work together to meet your wellness goals!


  3. How can I connect with you and follow you in social media?

    There are a variety of ways to connect with me and follow me on social media:
    FACEBOOK here
    You can download my free ebook-3 day juice cleanse and mini-detox HERE

    Please join me on instagram, pinterest, linkedin.

    Sign-up for my awesome FREE monthly wellness newsletter full of wellness tips, inspiration, recipes, and more HERE  and download my free 7 day smoothie challenge with 21 different free smoothie recipes as a thank you and special gift to you from me.

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  5. Do you accept insurance?

    I am not an insurance provider.
    I do not bill insurance.
    I do not work with insurance companies.
    I am a self-pay private wellness practice.
    Health savings accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and “Benny Cards” are welcome forms of payment.


  7. Do you accept Medicare or other forms of government insurance?

    I am not a Medicare provider and have voluntarily withdrawn as a Medicare provider.
    I do not accept private or government insurance and I am not a provider for private or government insurance plans.


  9. Do you perform Insurance Pre-Authorizations?

    I do not contact insurance companies on your behalf.
    I do not complete pre-authorizations.
    I do not bill insurance.
    I do not work with insurance companies.
    I am a self-pay private wellness practice.


  11. Do you complete Disability Paperwork?

    I am a wellness center, and I work with patients to help them regain their life-balance.
    I do not work towards disability, I work towards wellness.
    I do not contact insurance companies or government agencies.
    I do not complete pre-authorizations or disability paperwork for insurance companies or government agencies
    I do not work with insurance companies or government agencies.


  13. Do you offer blood work?

    I offer a cash-only self-pay lab service that is only available to patients in my private wellness practice.
    I DO NOT BILL insurance for blood work drawn in my office.
    When I order blood work, patients are welcome to have blood drawn at any lab they prefer, including facilities that accept and bill insurance.


  15. Will my insurance cover blood work you order?

    What your insurance covers is completely up to your private insurance contact with your insurance coverage.


  17. What do you do exactly?

    I work to help patients find their life-balance.
    This involves balancing the body, mind and spirit.Imbalance presents differently in everyone and in a variety of ways.
    Examples of imbalance that progress towards disease include:

    Autoimmune Disease
    Adrenal Fatigue
    Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis
    Bowel Imbalances
    Low Vitamins
    Low Minerals
    Low Iron and Ferritin
    Hair Loss
    Acne and Skin Irregularities
    Insulin Resistance
    Weight Loss Resistance
    Joint Pain
    Poor Aging Processes
    Hormone Imbalances
    And More.

To learn more about my approach to wellness, visit My Approach HERE and let me be your guide to Optimal Wellness.

Glossary Terms that we will use frequently as we work to achieve your life-balance:

Treatment with hormone medications that contain hormones that have the same chemical formula as those made naturally in the body, referred to by many as “bio-identical” hormones. Bio-identical hormones are created by altering compounds derived from naturally-occurring plant products and are typically taken in the form of pills, capsules, troches, Rapidly-dissolving tablets (RDT’s), triturates, creams or gels.

A comfortable state of equilibrium achieved among the body systems, the mind, the spirit, and a person’s lifestyle.

The way in which a person lives. This could include, but not be limited to: relationships, nutrition, health, and mindset.

Primary Food
It’s easy to overlook all of the things that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health, but all of the other factors present in our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary. I will support you in achieving all of your goals, from eating the right foods for your body to living an inspired, fulfilling life.

The concept of bio-individuality is the idea that each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why fad diets tend to fail in the long run. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and ancestral background.

Crowding Out
Many nutrition experts give their clients a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat, which explains why so many people are turned off by nutrition. My approach is different – by eating and drinking foods that are good for you, you will naturally have less room and desire for unhealthy foods. Simply put, you will “crowd out” the unhealthy food in your diet. This takes a little practice to make happen, but I will support you all the way.

Deconstructing Cravings
Cravings play a critical role in understanding what your body needs and shouldn’t be ignored. When you learn how to deconstruct your cravings and understand what they’re really telling you, you will be able to reclaim a sense of balance and harmony.

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