“Thank you for helping me achieve what I only dreamed possible: more energy, a stable body weight, good sleep, a stable mood and a bright outlook on life! And at 45,  no less! Your holistic and balanced approach to wellness is refreshing and exactly what I was looking for.”
~ Christi B.

“Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance. My energy  is up, my weight is down, and I am thrilled! I feel as good now, in my 50’s, as I did in my 20’s.”
~ Pam Y.

“Thank you so much for all that you have done to help my body start to heal. I feel like finding you was an answer to my prayers! You have been a miracle in my life, and I am so grateful!”
~ Lisa B.

“Somehow words of gratitude don’t seem adequate enough to express what’s in my heart.  How does a person properly thank someone for giving them their life back?

I am in awe of your gifts.  You truly take the time to help people heal from the inside out!

Due to strictly following your guidance, I’ve embraced my food intolerances eliminating them from my diet resulting in overall decreased fatigue, improved energy and digestion.  Where my body can finally properly absorb nutrients now, I am no longer anemic, I have achieved my optimal weight, I am no longer at risk for heart disease, and I no longer have antibodies interfering with my thyroid.  My hormones are balanced for the first time in my entire life.  One of the biggest surprises for me, however, was seeing my bone density start to go back up.

When I first came to see you a year ago I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The idea of disease prevention using optimal nutrition and hormonal balance is a concept few other medical professionals fully embrace or even understand.  I came in with an open mind, and here I am a year later with a healthy body and optimal health at 35.  I FEEL healthy — physically, spiritually and mentally.

Your diligent approach with applying the latest information permanently changed my life. The gratitude for the positive  impact it has had on me and my family runs so, so deep.  Thank you!”
~ Tara B.

“Thank you, Kristie! This was the best experience I’ve had with a provider. You were thorough, answered my questions and provided me with the information and education that I needed. And you developed a treatment plan that is individualized for me–not a cookie-cutter recipe.  I felt completely understood.”

~ Tracy L.

“First I need to thank you for helping me gain back my physical health. I feel so much better physically and the bonus is to have some self-confidence back too. I am so grateful I have the awareness and understanding now of what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. I think that what you are doing for women is spot on and if they can only make the decision to do what you ask them to then they will feel so much better.

I am also so grateful for the mental and emotional health I have gained this year. I believe these two aspects of health need to go together if we want to feel whole and complete. I so enjoyed our conversation during my appt. I feel the same way you do about giving women what they need in order to feel happy and whole. I am a new woman this year and more than anything I want to help other women have this same experience of creating health and mind/body/spirit Wholeness in their lives.

Thank you for what you are doing! I am sure there are many tough days when people won’t accept your help or won’t act on your suggestions. I suppose we just continue to do it knowing there will be some who you will help. Just as you have helped me. I will forever be grateful! Thank you again! I just think you are wonderful!”

 ~ Rachelle C.

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